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Welcome to our Public GME Educational Tab for Pet Parents of every walk of life.  You don't have to become a member of our group to learn this valuable information to protect your pets from this life threatening and most often debilitating neurological disease affecting our pets from Vaccines that are not size appropriate to the breed or commercial flea and tick treatments on the market today!  But if you do join us we welcome you! 

Being a Pet Parent of a GME dog is the hardest and most heart breaking thing I have ever been through owning a pet.  But what breaks my heart the most is that I trusted my "educated vets" to protect her from illness and found out they were in fact part of the cause of what happened to my precious fur baby!  I also share the blame as out of my own ignorance I never thought a re-vaccination of my precious fur baby might not be "size appropriate" nor was I aware that most vets are not aware of the signs and symptoms of GME an auto immune mediated disease of the central nervous system.  Delayed diagnosis causes irreversible brain damage to your fur baby! My sweet Cricket can no longer walk on tile floors and requires a quad doggy walker to be independent and walk on our tile floors!

If you are here at this site clearly you must love your pet!  Please protect them!  Please learn all the information provided to the public on this informational tab!  We are their guardians and protectors!   Clearly our vets and the government are remise at protecting them!  In my opinion it's time for some change in the laws to protect our precious fur baby's from the greed of the companies dispensing these toxic and harmful products!  Are you willing to join us here today in our fight to keep our pet's safe?  If so "Welcome To Our Fight" and "Welcome To Cricket's Fight and the many precious fur baby's fighting for their very lives from the effects of GME today!" 

Our membership goals are as follows:

  • No confrontation remarks towards any pet parents choice of using a holistic treatment approach along side the already established conventional life saving protocol.
  • Treat all our members like you would want to be treated.
  • Always seek to "Educate, Encourage and Share" your knowledge of GME to our seasoned members and our newest members.
  • Stay teachable and open minded.  Never use any product on this site without checking with your Neurologist and your Vet first.  Never recommend any product that you haven't tried on your fur baby first and that has been proven successful and safe over time.
  • Encourage new members whose dogs are not sick and want to become educated on this disease to prevent their dog against exposure to it.
  • Support all our members with kindness and understanding as this disease is emotionally and financially taxing on a pet parent.  Always remember when the diagnosis is given to a pet parent and he or she realizes the gravity of this life threatening disease they are deeply worried, concerned and grief stricken!  Be supportive, patient and kind always
  • NO DRAMA is allowed and remember that we can agree to disagree and move forward without animosity towards any members choice of treatment which may include some of the holistic options mentioned on this site to enhance your fur baby's recovery from GME.

Our Mission Statement is, "Educate, Encourage and Share".

You can sign up at the top right hand sign of this page or go to: Direct Sign Up Link

Warm Regards,

Margaret Ditty

Site Creator and Pet Parent to Cricket Ditty

This video is my precious Cricket's "new normal" after delayed diagnosis of GME

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Signs & Symptoms

Granulomatous meningoencephalitis, or GME, is an inflammatory autoimmune disease of the central nervous system. It comes on very quickly and is life­threatening. The inflammation results in granulomas, which are clusters of cells that form when the immune system tries to build a barrier against foreign substances.
Granulomas can develop in a single location, multiple locations, or throughout the central nervous system. In GME, the cells encircle blood vessels in the white matter of the brain and spinal cord, causing neurologic and ophthalmic symptoms. GME usually occurs in small breed dogs between 6 months and 10 years of age. The disease is more common in females.

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Medications Chart

This chart tells you if you have reached a therapeutic level in the auto immune suppressants used to bring your dog into remission. 

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GME Awareness Video Dedicated To Our GME Fighters & In Memory of Our Rainbow Bridge Fur Baby's

GME Awareness Video For Pet Parents Everywhere! "Educate, Encourage & Share" from Margaret Ditty on Vimeo.

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