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February 4, 2016

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Cricket was born in January 2009 and just turned 7 years old. She’s a fawn colored, female, Applehead Toy Chihuahua with papers. One weekend I had wandered into a local pet store when I saw this precious little furbaby in her pet store cage. She looked at me, wagged her tail and woofed at me. She had me at “woof”. Pet store dogs aren’t cheap and her going price was $1,300.00. I asked the pet store worker if I could visit with her in their visiting area and she brought her to me. She was a mere 2-½ pounds of sheer cuteness. She was loaded with personality and spunk and not shaky like most Chihuahuas. So I called the hubby and begged him to let me purchase her. She could be every present for the entire year that he would have to purchase for me. Finally my husband caved in to my pleas, even though we already have a Miniature Pinscher with heart problems at home. I never purchased pet insurance as I always put away funds in a special pet account for my dogs figuring that my monthly contribution would be enough to cover shots and annual exams myself. Big mistake. Cricket’s first 7 years of life were wonderful. No health issues whatsoever. Then poof, in October of 2015 she started showing some unusual health symptoms that we were concerned about. She seemed to be having some vision loss and she was walking a bit differently. We took Cricket to our vet and he thought it might be a middle ear infection, prescribed ear drops and told us to use as needed. Just two weeks later she received her annual shots, but no rabies vaccination due yet. Another big mistake. We have been fighting GME ever since!

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I am the site creator of Pet Parents Fighting GME. I am a wife and mother and grandmother. I have two dogs, 1 cat and four sugar gliders. I am a mortgage underwriter by profession. I love my family and my pets dearly. My Cricket was diagnosed with GME & NME on 2-4-2016

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Bring awareness of this deadly disease to pet parents everywhere! Educate yourself on this disease! Fight a good fight for your furbaby and never give up hope for remission and a cure! Never forget to Educate, Encourage and Share!

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Cricket's Celebration of Life from Margaret Ditty on Vimeo.
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RIP Sweet Princess 1-21-09 to 8-26-17
It is with great sadness that my precious Cricket flew to the Rainbow Bridge this Saturday August 26th, 2017.  She had a severe relapse and was in a lot of pain and was having more bad days than good days.  Desp…
Aug 27
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Please watch the most recent video from Dr. John Robb a veterinarian in Connecticut that is starting the fight to protect our pets from over vaccinations! 

To join his fight to protect our pets go to Protect The Pets Website today!
Thank you!

Feb 27
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Margaret Ditty (Founder) published an article
This product is wonderful for GME/NME and PDE dogs as it helps reduce inflammation and also helps if your dog suffers from seizures.  Order yours today by clicking this link now:  CBD Hemp Oil
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Dear Pet Parents Fighting GME!

I have 30 days from today to raise 100,000.00 signatures from citizens of the United States of America. Remember there is no greater privilege then to be the voice of those who have none! Can you please sign this peti…
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  • Yes, thank you very much for the welcome words and warm wishes! Our vet cut the prednisone from 2 tabs/day to 1.5 tabs. We're going through the reduction process slowly and Trey's doing fantastic. He is a bit tired, but that could just be the stress of everything. After reading other's testimonials on CBD oil and consulting the vet, I am going to try that out on Trey and hope he responds well to it.

  • Thanks for the support! check out my latest blog.  Tucker actually seems to be doing better tummy wise :)  I really want this reduction to work as I constantly worry about his liver.  So glad to see Cricket running around without her walker!! Its one of the reasons I opted to order the cbd oil from the recommended site!  Wish us luck!

  • To all our little fur babys with GME "Get Well Soon"

  • Margaret, the site looks great.  I'm going to try to be a part of it everyday.  Sometimes Sundays and Mondays will be spotty, but I'm here.  I absolutely love the picture of Cricket wagging that tail like crazy.  Love it!

  • The site looks even better this time Margaret! You did a wonderful job.

  • Site looks AMAZING! Your hard work shows!
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